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The Climate Resilience Salon brings knowledge from displaced women to the COp-28

Updated: Mar 10

The first Climate Resilience Salon took place in Geneva as the starting point of an initiative that seeks to convene women, displaced and migrant, from climate-impacted countries to bring previously missing and critical information to COP28.

Women hold a unique position in society, a critical role in enhancing climate change resilience and assisting the world’s most vulnerable communities. Thus, they are disproportionately affected by climate change, and they are also the first responders and leaders in their communities. All of this gives them tremendous knowledge about preparing for crises, appropriate responses, and ways of avoiding such problems.

By convening a series of 27 salons in 27 countries, the Climate Resilience Salon gathers collective and critical learning from them to gain knowledge of the key insights about how to re-frame and rethink traditional responses to climate change.

NWC Manager Director, Anila Noor, was present during this first meeting in Geneva, where she highlighted the importance of creating a safe space for women to share ideas and incubate projects through meaningful participation.

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