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Our vision is that inclusive and fair policies for new women can only be realized if those women themselves have a voice and have the ambition, the capacity, and opportunity to influence the policy-making process. At the same time, it is necessary that policy-makers and influential institutions and organisations are willing to listen, leave room for migrant women and genuinely take into account what they have to say.


Co-operation in meaningful partnerships

We believe that meaningful and equal partnerships are the way to grow and reflect on our work and achieve greater impact.
We are continually working on the co-operation with partner organisations to let our voice be heard.

NWC is a network member of

  • The European Network Against Racism (ENAR)

  • The Global Refugee Led Network

  • The Global Independent Refugee Women-led (GIRWL)

  • Network and The European Network of Statelessness (ENS).

And we work with many more on training exchanges, joint funding applications, platforming and visibility and exchange.

Empowerment and advocacy

We realise inclusive spaces where new women can feel inspired and engaged. We improve our efforts to get in touch with new women by creating stronger visibility through partnerships, events, remodelling and communication. 

Bridging gaps

We represent a missing connection between new communities and old institutions, strengthening democratic participation and accountability in Europe. We create platforms where those in policy-making connect with new communities and engage in an open dialogue on democratic governance and civic engagement. We create a table where everyone is invited and everyone is equal.


We provide training on active and meaningful participation, democratic governance, and civic engagement to organizations involved in policy and decision-making on local and European levels. 

More on our trainings below:

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meaningful participation training

All current participatory mechanisms have a power dynamic that is usually a TOP-DOWN, service provision, hierarchical dynamic, which occasionally has space to hear selective and invited voices.

However, without a true shift in power relations, transformation in spaces provided, and the design of the participatory mechanism, we will not reach active and meaningful participation.

Until policy and even humanitarian aid move from a service provider approach to a truly democratic process, and power relations shift from a TOP-DOWN to a power share, and till migrants and refugees turn from "clients, users or beneficiaries" to true partners, we will not reach active and meaningful participation.

Active and meaningful participation is not a readily available solution that fits all. It is a combination of awareness, willingness to challenge the status quo, and long-term commitment to change by all stakeholders and parties involved, whether it be institutions, organizations, civil society organizations, and migrant communities.  

New Women Connectors, based on the lived experience of its members and research conducted on the topic, created the New Women Model, which can provide a holistic approach to meaningful participation. A model that includes a shift of attitudes, spaces, power relations, and mechanisms.


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