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Mentorship and ambassador program

Linking expert knowledge and migrant and refugee community leaders to break down obstacles in policy-making and incorporate new and essential dialogue.

We are thrilled to introduce the New Women Connectors Ambassador Program, commencing in Spring 2024. Our initiative is dedicated to empowering migrant and refugee community leaders, empowering them to become influential voices in policy-making and decision-making processes.

Our program is dedicated to empowering migrant and refugee community leaders and emerging advocates, enabling them to become influential in the realms of policy-making and decision-making. We aim to dismantle barriers to policy-making and integrate new and critical conversations, particularly around issues like climate change. Our focus is on equipping these leaders with the necessary knowledge and connections to make a meaningful difference. Through our efforts, we strive to create opportunities for these advocates to bring about significant changes in policies and practices that affect their communities. Our program is not just about offering support; it's about fostering leadership and amplifying voices that are often overlooked in critical decision-making processes.

Program highlights

  • Empowering Emerging Leaders: We are selecting 20 emerging leaders from migrant and refugee communities, providing them with the knowledge and connections needed to make a meaningful impact.

  • Year-Long Commitment: Our one-year program is designed to create opportunities for these leaders, facilitating significant changes in policies and practices affecting their communities.

  • Fostering Leadership: Our program goes beyond offering support; it aims to foster leadership and amplify voices often overlooked in critical decision-making processes.

  • Mentorship Matching: The key to our approach is matching these emerging leaders with mentors who offer support in navigating current barriers and guide them toward achieving their goals.


  1. Create a network of skilled advocates, partners, and mentors

  2. Create opportunities for community leaders to bring about significant changes in policies and practices that affect their communities

  3. Increase New Women Connectors' presence in new and critical conversations such as climate change

  4. Create an EcoSystem of organizations and partners who connect by supporting the program, providing visibility and mentorship

How to get involved

Call for mentors

​Are you passionate about sharing your experiences, work, and growth? We invite you to become a mentor in our program. By providing mentorship, you can play a crucial role in strengthening the involvement of New Women Connectors and contribute to empowering vulnerable communities. With a time commitment of only about an hour per month you can become a part of this network of passionate people helping to give further resources to refugees and migrants who otherwise may not have had such direct access to knowledge and expertise in their chosen domain. 

This is an opportunity to make a tangible impact by sharing your knowledge and experiences. Join us in building a community that thrives on mentorship and support for those who might not afford it otherwise.

Thank you for considering this opportunity, and we look forward to hearing back from you!


To join the program as a mentor, please sign up here.

Call for Ambassadors: advocates for positive change

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community? Do you have a personal migrant or asylum experience that fuels your dedication to advocating for the rights of others? We are actively seeking individuals who embody the spirit of positive change. Joining our ambassador program is an opportunity to amplify your voice and contribute to meaningful change. Together, we can make a difference in the world, addressing issues ranging from climate change to ethical advancements.


  • Diverse Experiences: We encourage individuals with personal migrant or asylum experiences to join us as ambassadors. Special emphasis is placed on inclusivity, particularly welcoming women from vulnerable communities and members of the LGBTI community to promote intersectional feminism.

  • Advocacy Focus Areas: Our program welcomes participants with a strong desire to contribute to positive change in various advocacy focus areas. Whether your passion lies in climate change, AI, ethical practices, or sustainability, we invite you to be a part of our community.

  • Leadership Potential: If you demonstrate leadership potential or a solid commitment to your community, regardless of your current level of influence or recognition, we want to hear from you. Your dedication to fostering positive change is what matters most.

  • Diverse Backgrounds: We actively seek advocates from various cultural and minority backgrounds, representing a spectrum of socio-economic and educational experiences. Enrich our program with your unique perspective and contribute to a multi-dimensional approach.

Ready to Make an Impact? Apply Now!

If you are ready to contribute to positive change, apply now to become a part of our dynamic community of ambassadors. Regardless of your background or level of recognition, your commitment to advocacy is what matters most.

To join the program as a mentor, please sign up here.

Any questions? contact us!

Seyran Khalili

Project Manager

Oversees and guides the strategic direction of the program, ensuring alignment with mission goals and effective utilization of resources.

Angeline Green

Project Coordinator

Coordinates the operational aspects of the program, ensuring smooth execution of activities and effective support for all participants.

Julz Natri


Leads all communication efforts, enhancing the program's visibility and ensuring consistent messaging across platforms.

This program is taking place from January to December 2024. It was thought of and founded by New Women Connectors, and is being funded by UNHCR. 

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