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Vision & Mission

New Women Connectors (NWC) is a social change movement that advocates for feminist ideals. It was founded in March 2019 and is led by migrant and refugee women from diverse backgrounds, who share common experiences and strengths.

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We enable refugees and migrants to connect to each other and decision makers to challenge, shape and transform policies and processes that affect them. We do this by facilitating inclusive learning spaces to co-create solutions towards the meaningful participation and representation of migrants and refugees in decision making processes.


Our will to change comes from the fact that policies made at the highest levels greatly affect the lives of those categorized as migrants, stateless, and refugees, particularly women. Thus, we fight for recognition as relevant change agents.


NWC is built on three pillars. When we speak about “new”, we focus on people who are newcomers in Europe, categorized as refugees, migrants, undocumented and stateless persons and their diaspora. We also specify “women” to visibilize the specific problems that are affecting them, including limited access to resources or opportunities. As “connectors”, we point out the active and genuine involvement in decision-making processes, to ensure that our voices are heard and our needs are considered.


At NWC, we imagine a society where the expertise and contributions of refugees and migrants are valued, and in which they have equal access to power. Moreover, we believe in the ability to shape society through our unique perspectives and experiences, and through our meaningful participation.


With our organization, we also aim to advocate for refugee and migrant rights and needs. Our ultimate goal is to create a more inclusive and equitable society that supports integration and empowerment. We are committed to creating a world in which refugees and migrants are seen as assets rather than liabilities. We strive to break down barriers and build bridges, shaping a community in which everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.


Intersectional Feminism

we take a feminist approach that includes women’s rights, but is not limited to women alone.

Democratic Governance

we promote civic participation, representation and self-led advocacy by people with lived experiences of migration


we always stand in solidarity with racialized groups which face parallel exclusions, discrimination and barriers inside of Europe.


we promote the inclusion and recognition of these diverse life experiences in policymaking and provide analysis of the structures and cultures of working that disempower us

Human Rights

we highlight the discussion of human rights from the lived experience of people who’ve migrated.

  • To identify the critical issues that migrants living in different countries face;

  • To influence the priorities of EU agencies, governments and civil society;

  • To support the development of stronger national women-led structures and assist them to influence national policy reforms;

  • To create more spaces for refugees and migrants - especially women leaders - around the world to maximize their participation and engagement in gender-responsive solutions, highlight women-led best practices and work together with other women-led organisations;

  • To establish NWC as a sustainable and inclusive network creating regular and consistent space for dialogue between new migrant- and women-led organisations to support each other.

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