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space co-creation

In order for systemic change to take place, advocates need to have access to safe spaces in which they feel included, represented and heard. At New Women Connectors, we create both virtual and physical spaces for different stakeholders to connect, exchange and learn from each other. Because the absence of certain voices in critical policy dialogues undermines the efficacy of decisions across a range of topics, we extend our focus beyond migration and integration discussions. Our events encompass various pressing issues of our time, such as climate change, resettlement, safe and legal pathways, etc

Events & Projects co-created or co-organised by NWC and other stakeholders

In 2023, in a summit co-created by its participants, we gathered 141 participants, of which 97 were migrant and refugee leaders,  to strategize and coordinate their efforts, as well as shape the European agenda and policies as new active EU citizens

other examples

do you have an idea of a project or event you want to co-create with community leaders and various organizations? initiate the conversation with us by sending us an email!

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