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Anila Noor

Anila Noor

Founder / Managing Director

Anila Noor is a refugee activist based in the Netherlands. She has diverse experience working with national and international nonprofit organisations and causes namely dealing with peace-building efforts, refugee integration, and special education focus on women's rights. She has advocated for refugee resettlement and social/political engagement of refugees in Europe. She has initiated NWC, a movement striving for mainstreaming the unheard voices of migrant and refugee women living across Europe. It is a perspective shift to the refugee agenda and advocates inclusion than integration as a policy choice. The movement also helps newcomer refugee women to lift their spirits and make something of it. 


She found herself involved in the subjects of forced migration and identity crisis when she had to go through the same experience. Since, she has been working as a refugee social entrepreneur focusing on Forced Migration, Asylum, Refugee Policies and Advocacy for the Rights of Migrants. Noor is currently working on the subject of Receiving Refugees in Urban Settings: Narratives from the European Countries.

Razan Ismail

Chief Operating Officer, Project Manager


Policy Expert on Gender Equality & Migration: EU Commission Migration Expert Group, Founder at Asociación Kudwa.

Bringing a decade of experience as a migrant in Europe, she offers a unique perspective on intercultural training, advocacy, and policy development. Skilled in creating impactful learning experiences, providing policy advice, delivering public speaking engagements, and managing projects efficiently.


Marie-José van Schaik

Project Manager, Trainer

Marie-José is a cultural anthropologist from the Netherlands. She has diverse work experience on the topic of migration. She works as teacher and youth worker with migrant and refugee children and youth and as a trainer and project coordinator on several migration and anti-racism related educational projects.


She did research on migration in Malta, Turkey and Greece and co-developed an educative role-play method on migration (see


Seyran Khalili

Project Manager, Young Connectors


Seyran has considerable expertise in organisational psychology and psychiatry, education and public policy. She has been working with advocacy with great commitment to reducing the gap between minorities and the majority through dialogue, information and public service.


She had led the Norwegian NGO LIM (Equality, Inclusion and Diversity) as a deputy board member since 2018, in addition to specialising in Digital HR and innovative service design the past year. She promotes issues of social injustice and actively participates in community debates.


Julz Natri


Communications Coordinator

Julz is an international journalist and communictions specialist who lived in several countries before establishing themselves again in Sweden. Migration is part of their identity, partly thanks to their international family. They have previously worked as communication coordinator for the European Sex Workers Rights Alliance and use their time and energy to advocate for feminist ideals, LGBTQIA+ rights, social justice and climate justice.


They are specialised in social communications and advocacy, with a focus on gender issues. They also have a slight academic path researching the framing of human trafficking and how it is used to legitimize further criminalization of sex work.


angeline green


Administrative and Project Assistant

Angeline has expertise in intercultural dialogue and communication, and has been working with New Women Connectors since 2021. Her background in cultural and organizational anthropology suits her to work in interdisciplinary settings, and as a lifelong migrant herself, she has a passion for making systems work for their intended target audience. She works as a facilitator, trainer, helps writing reports and applications, researcher, and safeguarding point woman.

sumaira omer

Finance administrator


Sumaira is a finance administrator for NWC who’s educational background is in Economics.


She is originally from the UK and has been living in The Netherlands for 4,5 years now.


ekram jalboutt


SANDRA Alloush

Sandra Summit_edited_edited.jpg


Sandra Alloush is a political refugee and an international award winning journalist from Syria living in France. She is a documentary filmmaker with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry for over 15 years, working with several European channels like “ARTE”, focusing on asylum and migration issues.

Sandra is a human rights defender and anti-racist activist with lived experience, and she is a proud member of New Women Connectors. 

Rupsha paul



Rupsha is passionate about youth leadership and advocates for community development through education. She has actively worked with NGOs, government bodies in development initiatives, focusing on education and youth, in various states of India, Nepal and Netherlands. Her core skill lies in project coordination and implementation, advocacy and in designing, training and facilitating workshops.

Salma Fayyad


sara torres


pia revollo


leila vasquez



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