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Co-designing policies, a workshop that builds on meaningful participation

New Women Connectors, as a support partner of the European project UNITES, has participated in the workshop held to put in common individual national experiences in migrant and refugee inclusion at a local level, specifically, in municipalities. The Director Manager of NWC, Anila Noor, has led a training on the challenges of co-designing practices.

Based on a few case studies, the representatives from the other organisations among which MigrationWorks and Eurocities, had to comment on integration success, leadership, and gender barriers. One of the examples was based on the story of a woman who flew from war to a European country, and who, despite being a Senior account manager, was offered an opportunity to become a chef.

Noor mentioned the intersection of racism and patriarchy when it comes to the inclusion of migrant women. Some strategies are lacking these perspectives and are not offering the space to flourish, something that impacts negatively the receiving society.

Meaningful participation in co-create local policies

At NWC we believe that meaningful participation is when inclusion really happens. But, what is it? It is an approach in which we involve people with lived experiences, ensure that we stay focused on outcomes, and create programs that fully consider the needs and interests of those lives we aim to impact. In this case, migrants and refugees.

We offer a training package in which we can provide your organisation with strategies on how to build spaces to listen, engage, discover, and adapt using innovative concepts to impact the rigid systems in which you operate. It works to ensure migrants and refugees have an effective and sustained voice in policy-making and serves as a resource to help you realise your full potential as an agent of change.

If you are interested in the Meaningful participation course for your organisation, send us a message and we will provide you with the details to:


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