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New Women Leaders Hackathon

In-line with the International Women's Day Theme and our work of Leading Resilience, “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” We celebrated International Women's Day in a very special way.

Date and Time 26th March 2021 Hours 1-4 pm CET

It is evident that migrant women are not sufficiently represented in leadership roles but all are muted. Additionally, and as an organization led by migrant and refugee women, we find it not only challenging to inspire these women to pursue such a path but there are huge gaps of recognition for taking them as women Leaders. It is a vicious cycle of lack of visibility that instigates a lack of opportunities and motivation to create them. What is clearly needed are more role models in industry, culture, and politics. We, as people, instinctively search for role models to look up to, observe, learn from, and even imitate. Someone to inspire us to see our capabilities to take the road less traveled. We eventually forge our own unique course, but it is mostly inspired by people in whom we see ourselves. Not being represented in leadership roles is a message of discouragement. Lack of leadership advocacy and guidance. In addition to the double barrier that we face; the structural barriers that come with being a migrant and the gender-based barriers that come from being a woman. Migrant women work while limited, socially, psychologically, religiously, and legally, which means we start the race even before the start line. Especially in new countries, we face many difficulties in professional and social integration, due to the different legal and social systems, the need for rapid adaptation, and unconscious biases built on stereotypes.

Our Objectives:

  • To boost: women Leaders empower with tools and resources to enhance and develop their skills, which will strengthen migrant (intersectionality) women’s agency and capacity to create more spaces for refugee and migrant women leaders in the European level to maximize their Participation, accountability, and gender-responsive institutions

  • To amplify: a meaningful discourse around the existing challenges, aimed at motivating women to take the next big step in their struggles

  • To connect: the featured workshops’ recommendations into action, this event seeks to promote the cooperation and coordination of the relevant actors, through the sharing of best practices and mechanisms that have demonstrated success.

Check out the event and following action report in this file

You can also check out our Linkedin Group

New Women Leaders Event Report
Download PDF • 1.64MB

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