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The curious-friendly-passionate Storytellers are retaking the stage to tell their tales in the heart of Europe

The 10 talented storytellers of the project Owning My Story are coming to Amsterdam and Brussels in May to share their stories. Expect a night filled with heartwarming connections, reminding us how our diversity and resilience enrich our lives and societies.

New Women Connectors (NL), Pro Lapinlahti (FIN) and our group of storytellers invite you to an evening full of stories capturing histories, smells, colours and memories from Yemen, Nigeria, Palestine, Singapore, Libanon, Nicaragua, Iraq, Morocco, Syria and Pakistan.

A significant challenge we face in migrant and refugee self-representation is that narratives about us are mainly shaped, framed and shared by media, voices and individuals who do not represent us or our experiences. To take ownership over our own stories, we - a group of 10 storytellers from across Europe with lived migration and asylum experience - will take the stage to reclaim the leadership, ownership and authorship of our narratives. Given the far-right rhetoric on migration in recent national elections across the EU, it is more crucial than ever to challenge this narrative ahead of the EU elections in June. 

Download the image and share it with your network!

When, where, and how to register:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2 May 2024 (Ru Paré, Chris Lebeaustraat 4) - 19:00-22:30

  • Brussels, Belgium - 4 May 2024 (Maison Poeme, Rue d’Écosse 30) - 19:00-22:30

This storytelling event is the result of a partnership between New Women Connectors (NL) and Pro Lapinlahti (FIN) and is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland, as part of their EU elections campaign “Gebruik Je Stem”.

Program for both nights:

19:00 Doors open

19:30 Program start

22:00 Drinks & Networking

Please confirm your attendance by registering via the following form: 


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