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The MILE project fulfilled the training part with an event held in Spain

The MILE project, in which New Women Connectors is in charge of designing the training, concluded this module a few days ago in Ripollet (Spain). The European initiative aims to empower the local community as a whole, including newcomers, migrants, and refugees.

It started last year and is expected to last until the end of 2023, and it involves partners from Belgium, Greece, Latvia, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK.

The training phase is the third part and it consists of training communities and local policymakers to enhance inclusion, diversity, and leadership skills. The session took place on March 6th and was led by Kudwa association, which focused the conversation on brainstorming to find the best way to achieve active political participation.

The term "migrant" was defined based on the experiences of the participants, and the Foreigners Law also centered the debate as legislation that enhances the difference between migrants and locals. With representatives from the municipality, the event gathered around 30 people.

What is the project about?

MILE is based on the idea that policy-making, especially at the local level, should be a co-creation process that reflects the diverse population and gives all citizens a say. By involving municipalities, migrant groups, and research teams from different European countries, MILE aims to promote migrants’ and refugees’ engagement in decision-making.

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