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Refugee Exchange Advocacy and Leadership

R.E.A.L. is a project that aims to virtually bring together refugees, asylum seekers and stateless advocates across the Europe region to exchange knowledge and experiences and work on enhancing self-advocacy and leadership skills.

In spite of a multitude of positive practices at national and local level, most refugee-led organizations, volunteers, outreach workers and personnel have limited opportunities for exchange and build capacity, or to share experiences, network and ensure learning across different contexts. The impact and effectiveness of refugee-led initiatives in Europe can be strengthened through enhanced collaboration across contexts and via a more systematic sharing of lessons learned. REAL seeks to enable that sharing of knowledge and experience, by functioning as a platform for capacity building of refugee-led organizations, refugee leaders, volunteers and representatives in Europe.

300 refugee leaders learn from each other


Through four sessions gathering 300 refugee leaders, New Women Connectors supports further regional and international exchanges. 


The first meeting focuses on community leadership. A reflection activity unpacks the different characteristics of a good leader and uncovers the needs of a community. 

The second session is about debating funding and fundraising journeys of the migrant and refugee communities. 


The last two meetings focus on delivering a self-advocacy toolkit on how one can become an agent of change in their community, and what full and meaningful participation entails.

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Are you interested in this project or have questions about it? Please reach out to our Managing Director Anila Noor, or to our Communication Officer Julz Natri.

R.E.A.L. is a project created by New Women Connectors and European Coalition for Migrants and Refugees with UNHCR

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