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A Solidarity Circle for collective care

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Last week we hosted a Solidarity Circle, in collaboration with the Refugee-led Network Netherlands and de Voorkamer, in Utrecht.

During the solidarity circle we created a safe space to find support and collective care after the devastation of the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey last week. Many people expressed feelings of pain, anger, frustration and powerlessness. We talked about our feelings and tried to channel and translate them into a meaningful response to the crisis during an open co-creation session. One of the outcomes is to amplify the petition initiated by the RLN, to ease the visa facilitation in the Netherlands for ALL earthquake victims.

Natural disasters are a valid ground for asylum under the 1951 Refugee Convention, so we also pledge for resetlement programs and fast family reunification. We also talked about long-term sustainable solidarity responses. If you are based in the Netherlands and like to become part of our solidarity group, please get in touch with us.

Sign the petition here:

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