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The Refugee-led Network Netherlands gathered 50 persons during its kick-off event

The Refugee-led Network Netherlands (RLN) launched this week its project in the Hague, and it gathered around 50 persons interested in contributing to the platform within the country.

The event started with a brief welcome, after which the Director manager of NWC, Anila Noor, introduced the work of the Global Refugee-led Network, of which RLN would be part. The idea is to bring the expertise from the international level to the national one, in the Netherlands. The platform will support and complement the network of Refugee-led organisations and refugee advocates to amplify their voices in policymaking.

This kick-off event is just the beginning of the RLN, which has the aim to create a network of different organisations, stakeholders, and refugee advocates to co-create and co-design this network together. For this reason, during the meeting, the audience was asked to bring their input and feedback.

Do you want to contribute to RLN?

Policymakers and governments should recognise the positive potential and impact of collective action by refugees and facilitate opportunities where they can make claims and provide advice. RLN wants to point out the areas of the refugee system where restructuring is most needed.

If you’re a refugee advocate, part of a refugee-led project, or work with the refugee community, we invite you to participate in this newly created Refugee-led Network Netherlands.

You can ask for more information here:

Photo by Mustafa Khzaee.

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