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Policy report: Faith & Value creation - What is the future of faith and gender?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

GERIS and New Women Connectors, Microproject policy report

The aim of this event was to explore gender equality in different faith communities because there are many faith communities, including migrants, that are finding themselves in a shift of time. New Women Connectors collaborated together with GERIS, MamaCash and OsunRise to create an event raising awareness about female faith community leaders. These are all things we need to change in our society and, in order for changes to happen, we have to make the challenges visible and prepare a safe path showcasing role models for new ways of living authentically.

Key Recommendations:

- A coordinated and urgent action is needed to develop awareness programs and training for public policymakers and public office holders to bring structural and institutional reforms rather than surface changes.

- These efforts can be synergized through a collaborative approach to create more collaborative initiatives at the civil society level creating more spaces for dialogue and interaction within migrant communities and with policy-making forums.

- Continuing to challenge the change in the current situation and culture of patriarchy and bring equality for women and men with more concrete policies over the next five years in the practical sides of coexisting within the faith communities.

- Promote the diversity and strength within female leadership and the room for growth as role models for younger generations.

Faith & Value creation - a digital publication
Download PDF • 848KB

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