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New Women Connectors Annual Report 2020

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Since the establishment of New Women Connectors in 2018, it has stood firmly in-line with and in close contact with refugees, migrants, and stateless persons.

In our Annual Report of 2020, we highlight all activities, online and offline events, our reach, our approach, our partnerships, and our impact.

We provide you with a reflection of our work in 2020 - work during COVID19, and how we see the prioritization of Gender-Equality in times of pandemic.

New Women Connectors is committed to the fight for human rights, intersectional feminism, antiracism, and democratic governance and policy-making that is inclusive of migrants, refugee, and stateless persons in a feministic approach.

Download our report here

New Women Connectors Annual Report 2020
Download • 24.24MB

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