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New Women Connectors at the SDG Summit & Climate Week 2023

New Women Connectors was present in New York in September 2023 when our founder and leader Anila Noor joined the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Summit Week during the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Our leader Anila Noor participated in many interesting events and discussions, always making sure the voices of migrants, refugees and stateless people are being represented.

Anila Noor at the Climate Justice Insight Workshop of BMW Foundation

As one of the Responsible Leaders of the BMW foundation, Anila Noor joined their Climate Justice Insights Workshops, where participants mapped activities across climate justice work in partnership with Climate Ventures.

Connecting With Youth Climate Activists

Anila Noor and Marinel Ubaldo, climate activist from Philippines

To further discuss the issue of climate change and how to ensure climate justice, Anila was honored to attend the Climate Reception organised by Oxfam International, where she met with Oxfam partners and colleagues from across the confederation.

Connecting with international feminist leaders

To connect with like-minded feminist leaders from around the globe, Anila Noor participated in the evening organised by the Women’s Environment & Development Organisation - WEDO, Funding transformation, an evening celebrating feminist climate solutions.

Later, at the Women’s Resilience in Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy event held by the Center For Feminist Foreign Policy and Há, Anila discussed with other leaders how to pursue feminist foreign policies based on the demands of female human rights defenders. The discussions continued at the event organised by the Alliance for Feminist Movements, the Count Me In Consortium, and the Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy: Countering anti-rights movements: building allyship between governments, philanthropy, and feminist civil society.

Photos from left to right: 1. Anila Noor- Founder of New Women Conenctors and Happy Mwende Kinyili - co-executive Director of MaMaCash. / 2. Happy Mwende Kinyili talking at the evening on Funding Transformation. / 3. From left to right: Laila Ait Baali - CEO of WO=MEN, Fionna Smyth - Board Member of New Women Connectors and Anila Noor, CEO of New Women Connectors.

New Women Connectors is honored to have fought for its seat at the table where important discussions on topics such as feminism and climate justice are happening. We will continue to ensure the voices of migrants, refugees and stateless communities are heard in those spaces!

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