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From Solidarity to Support A Collaborative Response to the Emerging Afghan Refugee Situation.

SEEK and New Women Connectors, Briefing Paper Series

After 40 years of prolonged war, Afghanistan is again in the face of a humanitarian crisis. SEEK and New Women Connectors collaborated with refugee rights organizations for consultations with Afghan refugees and experts to map the road ahead for what the EU and partners can do to plan an emergency response for the current situation in Afghanistan, particularly for women and girls.

Key Recommendations:

- A coordinated and urgent action is needed to provide protection and assistance to those who are the most at risk, including refugees, asylum seekers, and those left behind.

- These efforts can be synergized through a collaborative approach that takes into account the needs and the voices of the Afghans.

- This is the time to build bridges by directing efforts towards positive public perception in host countries, and by initiating EU dialog at the diplomatic level to stand together and support those at-risk and the most vulnerable.

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