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As part of the European Coalition of Migrants and Refugees, and after signing the Global Refugee Forum’s Pledge to meaningful refugee participation of the Global Refugee-led Network, New Women Connectors is working to bring their expertise and commitment for building a national Refugee-Led Network (RLN) in the Netherlands. This project is supported by UNHCR.


The aim of the RLN is to connect refugee advocates and refugee-led initiatives in the Netherlands to amplify refugee voices in decision making processes and advocate for meaningful participation and representation. Policymakers and governments should recognise the positive potential and impact of collective action by refugees and facilitate opportunities where refugees can make claims and provide solicited and unsolicited advice on their host state. By collective solidarity, refugee advocates united in the RLN, will demonstrate the areas of concern in the refugee system where restructuring is most needed, identified by those it intends to serve. 

who we are

The RLN is a refugee-led network consisting of a diverse group of individuals and organizations with different refugee backgrounds and experiences who are advocating and being active on the ground, working with and for the refugee community.


Our vision is to enhance refugees' ability to make meaningful contributions to decision-making processes. We aim at advocating refugee agency and self-representation, accessing rights and strengthening the collaboration between networks and stakeholders. We are working towards sustainable and systemic change, taking into account the intersectional and AGD approaches.


We try to achieve this by: 


  • Building a national network of refugees and refugee-led initiatives. 

  • Ensuring the meaningful participation of refugees in shaping policies that concern them. 

  • Questioning the asylum system and advocating for inclusive and intersectional human rights approaches to refugee reception and integration. 

  • Working actively to change the narrative on refugees in the Netherlands.

what A network by and for refugees for better self-representation and meaningful participation in national

 decision-making and issues that concern refugees in the Netherlands

why  Lack of leadership, representation and meaningful participation of refugees in decision-making processes

who  Diverse representatives and advocates of the refugee community in the Netherlands

how  Advocating for better conditions of refugee reception and integration in the Netherlands

Project supported by

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