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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Migrant Integration Through Locally-Designed Experiences

Grant reference nr. AMIF-2020-AG-CALL-03101038364

What is MILE about?

MILE is about empowering the local community as a whole, including migrant communities. The aim is to provide municipalities and migrant-led associations with sustainable and inclusive mechanisms for exchange that can act as a springboard for deeper social, economic, and political inclusion.

By involving six EU Member States - Belgium, Greece, Latvia, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK - MILE will assess different local contexts and produce research-based and locally-tailored responses addressing the needs and priorities of municipalities and migrant communities.

MILE’s goals

  • Achieve a better understanding of the needs of municipalities and migrant and refugee

  • communities in their local context in different areas of society;

  • Boost the political participation and leadership of migrants and refugees;

  • Promote the management of inclusive policy-making in municipalities;

  • Turn the experiences into recommendations for better integration policies;

  • In the long term,s: Create a European Network of Exchange and Collaboration (ENEC) among municipalities and set up a peer-to-peer exchange platform for migrant-led organisations that will constitute the backbone of future collaborations.

MILE’s approach and tools

MILE is a two-year project that aims to create a sustainable ecosystem of exchange between municipalities and migrant communities to promote the engagement of migrants and refugees in local policy-making, including in areas such as housing, education, health, and entrepreneurship.

MILE will equip municipalities and migrant communities with tools to establish consultation mechanisms and exchange networks and will offer management and leadership trainings to help raise migrants’ voices in local decision-making. Local and European events and campaigns will raise awareness around the issues and the project’s activities.


Building Bridge using the approach provided by the newly established Expert group on Migrant Views with the European Commission.

This includes delivering trainings for both local migrant-led organizations and the municipalities on leadership skills and diverse management, with the guarantee of a multiplier effect to reach inside the migrant communities and in the municipalities as well.

Building up a community of practices that will go beyond the duration of the project, putting in contact with similar actors in different countries, fostering the exchange and multiplying the effect of best practices in more than one country.

The main outcome is represented by the constitution of ENEC for municipalities and the peer-to-peer platform for migrant organizations.


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